The School of Positivity

The School of Positivity is a program hub whose main aim is bringing out the best version of you.  

About the School Of Positivity

The School of Posivity is a flagship program by Charles Mungoshi Jr that is geared towards encouraging positivity and positive thought processes. 

90% of success is in the mind and Charles, through the School of Positivity wants to help people become better and achieve more through the power of positivity and positive thinking. 

The School is a live program hosted through Webinars and live on this side. 

What the School Will Help you Achieve

Goal Setting

Success is mostly about setting proper goals and doing all you can to push through and achieve those goals.

Proper Planning

Without a plan of what you want to do and where you're going, it's difficult and almost impossible to achieve anything.

Positive Thinking

Positivity is the lifeblood of achievement, to do anything meaningful, you have to have a positive mindset.

Self-discipline is key! No material gain will come through without self discipline. Sacrifice immediate gratification for later glory!!!

Charles Mungoshi Jr